• Quick-Turn Program Alert | ARETHA! QUEEN OF SOUL

    To mark the passing today of Aretha Franklin at the age of 76, PBS and WNET will present a half-hour remembrance special, ARETHA! QUEEN OF SOUL (ARQS 000)  tomorrow, on Friday, August 17, 8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT in the PBS primetime schedule.  This program will include archival footage from Aretha Franklin's storied career, and interviews that will evoke the memory of the "Queen of Soul."  The special will be produced by the PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND team and hosted by Hari Sreenivasan.  This special is in addition to the regular two PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND episodes for Saturday and Sunday this week.

    ARETHA! QUEEN OF SOUL  will replace an encore of BREAKING BIG "Eddie Huang" (BRBG 102), which will be rescheduled in the PBS primetime feed later this fall, and which will also be softfed tomorrow, Friday, August 17 at 1500/HD05.

    Please stay tuned for information on rights for this new special and for assets and a description to help you promote the program digitally.