• New Season of Sustainer Coaching Labs

    This year, the program is evolving to include more advanced content and a slightly new format to reflect the changing needs of stations as more staffers become knowledgeable and adept at the basics. Station staff can sign up for one or all of a suite of six courses. Within a four week period, each course will consist of two 60-minute sessions via GoToWebinar, and the opportunity to work on, and receive feedback on concrete tactics to move your program forward.

    The first session, open to all, will cover the basics of the course content and ensure key takeaways are highlighted for strong execution at your station. Participants are requested to take the corresponding on-line course/reading section prior to the session to ensure a strong jumping off point for all. These online courses typically take less than 15 minutes to complete. As well, participants will be given the opportunity to create plans and/or materials and share them back with the group.

    The second session will be “invite only” to those who have completed and returned the planning/homework opportunity. These plans and other applicable materials will be used as the basis for the second call, when the instructor will share them, evaluate them, and discuss enhancements so that each participant can have access to a number of viable approaches and idea sharing. 

    Coaching Lab dates and webinar information can be found in OurNeighborhood in Upcoming Events, and on the HUB in the Development Department section under Training.