What is CSPI?

The Corporate Support Performance Initiative (CSPI) is a training program designed to teach corporate account representatives how to position public television in light of its greatest strength — as a trusted American institution that uses media for the public good.

The goal of CSPI is to improve the productivity and performance in local underwriting by ensuring that sound and consistent business practices and professional development are available to PBS member stations of all sizes across the country.

A three-part program, CSPI Program 1 focuses on the reality of positioning PBS; it builds a fundamental knowledge of the PBS product, market and media environment that PBS representatives need to master in order to differentiate PBS and make a successful value proposition. CSPI Program 2 then uses those principles to build discrete selling skills, from the initial customer engagement to securing a commitment from the sponsor. For managers who have completed Programs 1 & 2, Program 3 provides coaching for managers looking to institutionalize CSPI methodology back at their respective stations. Program 3 works with managers on how to reinforce the PBS value proposition and consultative selling techniques taught in CSPI Programs 1 and 2.

Why is CSPI Unique? 

  • CSPI is not a generic sales training; it was created specifically for PBS using data from strong performing stations in the system.

  • CSPI is an interactive training — participants use real-world case studies to learn the concepts covered in the course.

  • CSPI is designed for corporate sales staff, but its principles can have a broad reach to other station disciplines.

  • CSPI follows a regional training model, allowing stations to save money on travel and potentially send their entire corporate support staff through the training.

  • CSPI teaches participants how to use available qualitative data and content to create a Product Profile that can be used in presentations and pitches.

  • CSPI is a community of learning:
    • Peer-to-peer training
    • Common language & values articulation
    • Access to continued learning and additional professional development opportunities
    • Active and engaged alumni = reaffirmation and retention

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