Digital Immersion


Digital Immersion

Digital Immersion, which began in 2017 was developed by PBS Digital with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is a professional development opportunity for station personnel that mixes in-depth virtual trainings, immersive experiences, hands-on workshops, and collaborative mentorship to improve overall expertise in digital strategies and tactics.

Digital Immersion is founded on three core values and through the curriculum, exercises, and immersive experiences participants complete the program with the tools to Simplify, Communicate, and Collaborate.

1. Simplify

Break down complex processes into simple task-based workflows matched to station resources.
2. Communicate

Utilize clear, consistent, and intentional language to establish clarity within the organization.
3. Collaborate

Develop processes and methods that encourage inclusion of multiple disciplines, skills, and individuals.

I feel extremely lucky to have been offered the opportunity to participate in the Digital Immersion Project. I have spent my entire career (20+yrs) in public broadcasting and the tools, resources, and growth that I've gained in the past year has been one of the best experiences of my career. More importantly, it has offered a comprehensive set of resources and tools that has been instrumental for our organization as we define and implement a digital strategy and position ourselves to best produce and deliver multiplatform content and better engage with our audiences.

-Christy May, WNED|WBFO

The Digital Immersion curriculum covers four main topic areas as it relates to digital.

Content & Strategy
Learning to develop audience- and platform-specific content, developing multi-platform strategic plans, and learning what tools and tactics can be utilized to create a digital series.

Organization & Culture
Learning how to create and implement a digital task force at your station, establishing communication lines between departments, and learning what tools and exercises can be used to bring staff together.

Data & Metrics
Understanding how to use data to make station- or project-specific decisions, learning how to create data dashboards, and learning tactics for how to communicate out data and bring staff together to review data.

Social Media, Marketing & Engagement
Learning how to implement a social media strategy, and how to successfully craft engagement opportunities and communications for the local community.

In January 2020 Digital Immersion will offer TWO distinct experiences for station staff.

Digital Immersion Scholarship Program

The SCHOLARSHIP program is a 10-month program for 15 digital professionals from PBS member stations. The selected participants will establish a digital goal for their station and for the duration of the program will engage in a multifaceted training program from January through October. The program will include, but is not limited to:

  • Monthly curriculum webinars and exercises,
  • Peer-to-peer and Digital Immersion mentorship,
  • Virtual exercises and discussions; and,
  • Attendance at in-person workshops (2) and TechCon pre-conference/events*. *Selected participants will receive scholarships to attend three in-person workshops in January, April (TechCon), and September (at PBS) and all costs will be covered by PBS.

Learn more about the SCHOLARSHIP program

Digital Immersion OPEN Program

The OPEN program is a virtual cohort program open to all PBS member station staff. Participants will engage in a virtual digital curriculum alongside a cohort of PBS station staff.

This virtual experience will include:

  • Multiple digital-related course topics (with new topics added regularly),
  • Topic-specific exercises to utilize at their stations,
  • Topic-specific discussions to connect with cohort-mates; and,
  • Optional in-person workshops* and bi-monthly virtual group webinars. *OPEN program participants will cover their travel and accommodation costs for workshop attendance.

Participants in the OPEN program can select which cohort they would like to participate in. Both experiences run for six-months:

  • Spring Cohort will run February through July with an optional kick-off workshop in February
  • Fall Cohort will run August through January ‘21 with an optional kick-off workshop in August

              *Individuals can move between cohorts and access the virtual training at any time.

Learn more about the OPEN program

Meet the previous partners.


In the first year of the program, we welcomed 25 partners and kicked the year-long program off at TechCon.

Class of 2017


In the second year of the program, we welcomed 50 partners and introduced a three cohort program.

Class of 2018

In the third year of the program, we welcomed 26 partners and introduced a virtual cohort program.

Class of 2019