PBS Training Academy


What is the PBS Training Academy?

PBS Training Academy is an on-demand learning environment for station professionals to gain access to knowledge based content in real time, anywhere and at anytime. 

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This training will help you understand the role of a landing page, why they work, the major types of landing and donation pages for nonprofits, and ultimately arm you with research-based principles that you can immediately apply to your fundraising pages to produce dramatically improved results.

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Membership Vault (MVault) is a registry system that enables PBS stations to provide conditional access to digital benefits. These 6 courses are an overview of how to get hit the ground running when using MVault.

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Access expert-developed sustainer program lessons at your own pace, then test your knowledge with evaluation quizzes at the end. This training will give you best practices for upgrading, converting, and retaining your sustainers as well as growing your program to its highest potential.

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